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Dr Paul Fowler

Paul graduated with a first class honours degree in biological sciences in 2000 and went on to complete a PhD in the late Jim Parry's lab at Swansea University studying the biological relevance of clastogenic chemicals with differing mutational profiles. After a post doc at the Radiation Protection Board investigating accumulation of chromosome damage from chemical agents and radiation he moved to Covance as a Study Director responsible for the majority of in vitro genotoxicity assays. During this time he also managed a 3 year research project conducted on behalf of Cosmetics Europe (then COLIPA) investigating the incidence of false positives in in vitro genetic toxicity assays. His last corporate position was within Unilever's Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) responsible for the strategy and conduct of genetic toxicity assays and designing bespoke solutions to complex toxicological problems (Mechanistic Safety Science).

Paul also has extensive in vitro toxicology experience, having led a very successful project designing in vitro methods for predicting early changes in the human lung indicative of fibrosis as well as shaping the strategy for use of 3D organotypic biological modes (lung, liver, kidney, cardiac and neuronal).

Over his career in toxicology Paul has worked on a diverse variety of materials from pharmaceuticals and cosmetic ingredients to complex botanical extracts, tobacco and airborne particulates.

Paul is a UK and European registered toxicologist, has served on various scientific and industry platforms including IGG (secretary 2012-2014, Chair from 2019), EEMS (secretary 2009-2011 and 2019-2022) IVTS and Cosmetics Europe.

Paul Is a member of the UK Government's Committee on Mutagenicity of chemicals in food, consumer products and the environment (COM).

He lives in semi-rural Northamptonshire with his wife Su, 2 boys aged 8 and 5 and has a love of classic cars owning a 1975 reliant scimitar which he has restored over the last 10 years. Paul also enjoys strength sports competing in amateur strongman competitions.

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Dr Diana Suarez-Rodrigez


Diana graduated in Chemistry in 2001 and went on to complete a Masters in Analytical Organic Chemistry at the University of A Coruna (Spain) investigating the analysis of marine oil spills and ageing studies of petroleum and derivatives by spectroscopic techniques. Diana then moved to the UK to complete a Marie Curie-funded PhD under the supervision of Professor B.T. Golding in 2006 at Newcastle University researching ‘Models for co-enzyme B12-dependent mutases’ alongside groups in Germany, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

After her PhD Diana spent six years at Lhasa Ltd in Leeds working as a Knowledge Base Senior Scientist where she gained a wide experience in linking chemical properties to biological and toxicological effects by developing structure-activity relationships in DEREK prediction software. Throughout her time at Lhasa Diana worked on a wide variety of molecules, from pharmaceuticals to pesticides, cosmetics, food additives and fine chemicals across different toxicity endpoints.

In 2012 Diana joined Unilever's Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) as a Computational Chemist. Diana's role primarily focused on providing predictive chemistry expertise across all business categories and supporting novel strategies for risk assessment. Diana's role in Unilever also allowed her to explore how chemical structure and reactivity help inform adverse outcome pathways for DNA damage and other toxicology pathways.

Diana recently moved to Madrid where she lives with her husband and daughter. Diana enjoys learning languages and she is currently studying Japanese.

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