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Our Expertise

A combined expertise in genetic toxicology, cancer, computational chemistry, mutagenicity prediction, in vitro toxicology and complex mixtures. Representing some 40 years experience in safety science and toxicology.
Strategy & Organization

FStox consulting brings together several expertise groups under a single umbrella meaning fewer individual experts to engage with and manage. The company is structured such that we can provide a single expertise or broader package with the same interaction and high standards of delivery. 


FStox consulting is registered and based in the UK with a European office in mainland Spain. We work closely with UK and EU regulatory agencies.

Company aspirations

We are currently a small but diverse group of safety scientists. We will continue to grow year on year adding expertise to our portfolio of experts providing an increasing range of expertise from carefully vetted industry experts that are leaders in their respective fields.


Qualification and Experience

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Dr Paul Fowler

Dr Diana Suarez-Rodriguez

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